Classic Cookie Company Minneapolis

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Hi Classics! 

I am John, the "Boss," I have been standing at the front counter serving you, the customer, for over 25 years. I am happy to see you daily and sell you happiness cooked fresh daily from our family's ancestral cookbooks. Phone 612 338-1949

Classic Cookie Co.

200 So. 5th St, Minneapolis, MN (612) 338-1949


___chocolate chip

___chocolate chip w/nuts

___white chunk

___chocolate chocolate chip

___peanut butter monster

___oatmeal butterscotch


___oatmeal chocolate chip

___oatmeal raisin


___peanut butter

___coconut date nut oatmeal

____cranberry white chunk 

___everyday cookie (coconut/ crispy rice) 




___blueberry oatbran


___sour cream

___sour cream chip

___lemon poppy seed

___french puff

___banana chocolate chip

___banana walnut

___cherry almond sour cream

___cranberry orange






The Cost of Happiness (in cookie form).

Cookies $1.50/each  $15.00/dozen
Muffins  $1.50/each   $15.00/dozen

Frosted Cookies $2.00/each   $20.00/dozen
Brownies            $2.00/each   $20.00/dozen

Big Cookie called a "Blondie" (12 inches) $15.00/each

Brownies/Perfection Bars    $2.00/each    $20.00/dozen

Behind the Scenes at Classic Cookie

Have you ever wondered what is going on in the back of the shop? So do we sometimes. Coming soon... We have pics to prove that it is not as bad as it sounds back there.